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Personal Stylist

As a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, I hope to discover a style and image that reflects your unique personality and who you want to be.

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Give the gift of style!

Give the gift of style!

Show your loved one how special they are by treating them to a unique and thoughtful gift that will last a life time.  A styling consultation with me is not only a fun and memorable session that leaves clients looking and feeling fantastic, it’s a positive and life changing experience that rejuvenates their closet, style and confidence.  

Your loved one deserves to feel special and to take a little time out to be pampered so indulge them and gift them their very own personal stylist!

Styling for men

Styling for men

Gone are the days when it was considered a taboo for men to have an interest in their image. These days, men want to look good and are not only aware of how important their image is, but also what it can do for them.

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What are the benifits of hiring me?

What are the benifits of hiring me?

  • I am totally independent from retailers
  • I provide honest, impartial and friendly advice, in a pressure free environment.
  • I don’t work on commission so every item I pick for you, is chosen because it is right for YOU
  • I will reinvent and renew your current items without starting from scratch.
  • I have 9 years experience, dedication and passion
  • I will discover and develop a look that truly represents who you are and who you want to be.
  • I do not try and impose my personal style on my clients

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What my clients have to say about me

I 'won' Niki at a charity auction for MacMillan Trust - for years I'd been wanting to sort out my look (the busy-tired-mum-in-grey-baggy-tops-plus-jeans-look I'd been working so effectively for years...) and this seemed a great opportunity - Hurrah, I won, and Niki came round to sort out my wardrobe. I was really impressed by her friendly manner which put me at ease instantly, and her tactful and positive approach. I usually dread shopping, but our shopping trip was such fun! It felt like shopping with a really good, tactful but honest friend with a way way better fashion sense than I would ever have. She'd really thought about what to collect for me to try on and since I'd given her such a vague remit to achieve in 2 hours ('Er.. I need everything, really... Except any more grey baggy tops') I was really impressed by her focus and her energy. I was worried she'd want me to fit in with her ideas of what would work and also that I'd feel obliged to buy stuff but it was clear Niki'd spent a lot of time and effort in gathering pieces that would really work for me and my lifestyle, and she seems to have a sixth sense in knowing not just what suits you but when to encourage you to try certain styles you may never have considered, and when to rethink and try new combinations of pieces. So it did feel like shopping with a friend who listened as well as advised and it was a real education in rethinking my style. Plus it was a laugh! The advice she sent afterwards is very informative and thorough, listing shops we went to (and what worked well, plus their website addresses) and shops that we didn't visit but she recommends, plus styles which suit my figure. This is very helpful and all in all a very thorough and informative service! It wasn't just wardrobe transforming, it was life transforming - I went out 'with the girls' in one of my new outfits after our trip and got so many compliments, and even at work people have been stopping me in the corridor to say I looked 'gorgeous' and since when had I got a waist! It made me realise that walking round in my comforting baggy clothes was really getting me down and now my confidence has really soared. Although twice last week I was actually late for work due to the novelty of having lovely outfits to choose from. I did go over my budget somewhat but that was totally my responsibility and there was certainly no pressure from her - in fact she kept encouraging me to try things on again 'to be sure' whilst I was like a giddy kid in a sweetshop: Lovely jeans! Dresses! Which fit! Wooh! I'll have everything! 10 out of 5! (see: always bad with numbers...). Thanks Niki, you were brilliant XXXX

Kate - Fishponds, Bristol

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