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Closet Consultation

A Closet Consultation with me is an opportunity for you to take some time out for yourself and spend an enjoyable four hours discovering the secrets to dressing for your body shape and individual style.

You really understood my needs and wants for my new look. So many people have commented on the way I now look which has increased my confidence.

Kirsty - Bristol

Open wardrobe

The process starts with an informal chat to discover what it is you want to achieve during the session. This is also an opportunity for me to find out about your lifestyle and personality so that I can help you to develop an image that suits this.

I will assess your closet for the current season and determine the items that suit and those that don’t. If you’re not wearing something; why not and can we change this? It’s a chance to have good sort out and can often be very liberating.

Once I’ve assessed and de-junked, I will re-invent and renew the remaining items, creating new and updated outfits that you never even knew you had, and that are appropriate for your lifestyle, personality and needs. With my help you'll start to experiment with accessories, they play a crucial part in updating an outfit effectively.

I will determine the key items that are missing from your closet to complete an outfit or pull everything together, once purchased these will enable you to build a hard working capsule closet that can be built on year after year.
I can advise you how to organise your closet, and store and maintain the items in there to ensure that the key items in your wardrobe will last for seasons to come.

You'll start to recognise and develop a style that reflects the image you wish to portray. You will have more to wear and will actually start to enjoy styling yourself.

Never again will you utter the words ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’!

Following the Closet Consultation; I'll send you a detailed report and a CD containing images that we took of the outfits during the consultation; for your future reference.

To find out more, please get in touch

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