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Closet Organising and de-cluttering

Most of us are guilty of only wearing 20% of our closet 80% of the time. Half the problem is not having a well organised closet. How many times have you found something and said to yourself; 'I forgot I had that'?

I still cannot believe that you managed to put together an entire wardrobe of beautiful clothing for me in only a few hours.

Julie - Bristol


Together we will assess and de-clutter your closet so you can see exactly what you’ve got in there. In doing this you will undoubtedly rediscover items you forgot you had and create more space by removing items that no longer work.

I will assess the available space and make it work for you in the best possible way. Armed with boxes, hangers, moth repellent and other closet maintenance essentials; the remaining items will be hung and stored to ensure that they are maintained for years to come.

You will be left with a well organised closet that is a pleasure to open and easy to use. Putting outfits together will become enjoyable and much easier as you’ll be able to see exactly what you've got in your closet and how it all goes together.

Following the session, you will receive an information pack detailing maintenance tips and my top tips for you to refer back to in the future.

Start to love your closet again.

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