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Style Parties

Are you looking for a fun, unique and stylish party idea?

You were very genuine and committed and I appreciate it a lot.

Sylwia - Bedminster

Table, flowers, shoes and chair

Why not stay in and get the girls round to yours for a style party! It’s a great 'girly' night in where you can get together with good friends and have access to personalised style advice.

All you need for a good style party, is a host who is happy to have the party in her house, a group 6 -8 friends looking for a fun evening, and of course me to hand around the style, wardrobe and shopping advice!

I will provide a 'menu' of themes for the party so you can tailor the party to what you want, for example:

Each person must turn up with two items they’re not wearing and I’ll show you how to. If the item’s simply not right for your shape then why not swap with a friend?

I’ll cover styling tips and tricks that you can start using straight away and will last you a lifetime

Take home a goodie bag containing my Top Tip’s’ full of helpful hints from caring for your clothing to the benefits of good fitting underwear

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