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Personal Shopping

For many men, shopping is something to dread. Spending hours traipsing around the shops is not enjoyable, and more often than not it’s boring and time consuming. Having said that, more and more men are recognising the importance their image has, not only in their working life, but in their home life too. They just need some help putting this into practise.

Niki has given me renewed interest in what I wear. She really identified what suits me along with clothes that I would never have picked off the rails myself. I've never had so many great comments about what I wear. Thanks Niki

Giles - Bristol

Picture of mens clothes and chair

A personal shopping trip with me will update your existing wardrobe by introducing new items and colours that mix and match to create a hard working capsule wardrobe, suitable for you and your lifestyle.

The process starts with a free pre-shop consultation to discuss what you hope to achieve and determine what items we need to source.

After the initial consultation I will source the items I want to show you, and have them put on reserve until you join me for the shopping trip. I have built up great working relationships with the local retailers, and wherever possible we will use the personal shopping suits. Shopping with me is the most effective and efficient form of shopping.

At the end of our session together, you will be the proud new owner of a sharp and stylish selection of outfits suitable for all occasions and completely suited to you.

To find out more about my shopping trips, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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