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Find out what my clients have to say about me

Niki should be on prescription! She has a wonderful ability to really see you and provide you with appropriate style advice and detailed recommendations that help you to see that you can actually look great, whatever you feel about your body and looks. Niki combines such expert knowledge in her field, with a gentle, compassionate approach that means even those intimidated by the idea of a ’personal stylist’ will soon feel really comfortable. I love how her down-to-earth understanding mixes with her obvious passion for really good fashion style to allow her to appropriately style individuals who are obviously quite diverse in their backgrounds! My session with Niki was a thoughtful birthday present from a loving husband, wanting to encourage his wife-turned-mummy to re-find some confidence and sense of self and style after 18 months of body-change and a degree of style-neglect… It worked! Although nervous, my time with Niki was really enjoyable and empowering and I’m sad she is not in the UK more often! Whatever your budget, I would recommend Niki to any new (or not-so-new!) mums out there who feel they have pretty much lost sight of themselves and any meaning of the word ’style’ (hint hint to husbands and partners!!) as well as anyone who knows their talents lie far away from the fashion and style world! Niki goes above and beyond in her work - she is generous with her time and expertise and I’m happy to have started my style journey with her.

Claire - Shropshire

As a working mum, juggling nursery runs with a busy commute and I had found that I had become stuck wearing jeans and t-shirts and trainers until they were worn through! I needed some inspiration for some alternative smarter outfits that were easy to wear and would suit my petite height! Niki, after thorough research created this amazing 'Style Bible' with loads of ideas and even pulled the items together to create different looks for me. Each item had a direct link to the shop so I could buy it straight away. The items were just my style with a few hidden gems that I would have never picked out on my own. Niki's email responses were prompt and very helpful. I was so impressed by the obvious care and thought she had taken over her work. I would highly recommend!

Stephanie Sherwood - London

I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki and both were brilliant experiences. Niki was really down to earth and friendly and made both the shopping and wardrobe sort-through, really fun and enjoyable. After a horrible few years of health problems, the wardrobe and shopping time was such a treat for me and gave me a lot more confidence in how I look and feel. Niki was brilliant in adapting to and accommodating my needs (due to medical condition), both during the shopping, and also in the outfits that she chose. I had a limited budget for the shopping but Niki made the most of the sales and was able to pick out some great items, most of which I never would have picked out before. The information and tips she emailed afterwards was really comprehensive and the CD of outfit photos which she sent, was great to refer back to. I would definitely recommend Niki to anyone; she offers a really friendly, professional, down-to -earth service which can help you find/reclaim your style and feel great in the process!

Stephanie Clarke - Bristol

I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki 18 months ago which was excellent - she really helped me to sort out my wardrobe (I had a LOT of black or brown clothing and many cardigans!) and to point out styles and colours that suited me and those they didn't! Since then, I have had a much better understanding of what to look for when I go shopping and I am much more adventurous with the clothing I buy. This summer I asked Niki to recommend some outfits to wear for a couple of weddings and a christening-as Niki is in India, she offered me her online consultation service; I completed a questionnaire about what I was looking for, used Pinterest to pin ideas to a scrapbook and Niki sourced three outfits that she thought would suit, along with accessories. I found this service really good as it narrowed down my search. In the end, I did choose a dress that Niki recommended and I have been so pleased with the choice. The only problem I came across was the sales started just as I was trying to order items, but other than that I could not fault Niki's service. She was always available on email to discuss ideas (even with the time difference in India!) and was really helpful in offering alternatives for the sale items that she had initially suggested. I would definitely recommend this service, for both one-off outfits or if there are items to update in your wardrobe. I would use Niki's online service again, especially as it allows you to order items online rather than trawling around the shops!

Claire Stone - Bristol

My partner organised a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip with Niki for my Christmas present. I was a little nervous, but Niki's personable manner soon put me at ease. I was surprised at how many outfit combinations we managed to work out from my existing wardrobe, as well as identifying some well-needed alterations and items that needed to be recycled! The follow-up shopping trip was great fun. Niki really did do all the hard work and had lots of items ready for me to try on. I was particularly surprised that most of the clothes were inexpensive and included many brands that I hadn't considered before. Niki was always mindful of my budget and I definitely feel that the trip saved me money and gave me plenty of ideas for the future. Niki's follow-up report, as well as images of the wardrobe consultation, mean I have a good record of what we discussed. I would definitely recommend Niki's services and found both sessions invaluable. Every aspect of her service was highly professional. It was a great gift and well worth the money.

Jackie Dyble - Chippenham

My children bought me the best Mothers Day present ever, a 4 hour wardrobe consultation with Niki in my own home. My problem was not a lack of clothes, quite the opposite in fact, and I was worried that 4 hours would not be long enough!! I was really prepared to throw away anything that did not fit or did not suit my body shape. She got me to try on everything in my wardrobes, advising me what should be disposed of and helping me to find different ways of using the same outfits, but to a much better effect. She took photos of the outfits to remind me of what suited me best. At the end of the session, despite throwing items out, I still owned 26 pairs of trousers!! The following week, she sent me a very comprehensive report on everything we she did and it was full of great tips on how to make the most of my best features. It identified things I was lacking,mainly accessories, to help me create a truly great set of clothes. I also received an email with links to lots of outfits which could be added to my wardrobe at a later date. She helped me to understand what clothes are good for my shape and those I should avoid, so in future I will not have a collection of things which do not suit me. I will probably take her up on her offer to accompany me on my next shopping trip! My session with Niki, was like having my very own Gok Wan (but without the film cameras), and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who is need of a fashion makeover.

Eleanor McKenzie - Hewish

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