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Find out what my clients have to say about me

Niki should be on prescription! She has a wonderful ability to really see you and provide you with appropriate style advice and detailed recommendations that help you to see that you can actually look great, whatever you feel about your body and looks. Niki combines such expert knowledge in her field, with a gentle, compassionate approach that means even those intimidated by the idea of a ’personal stylist’ will soon feel really comfortable. I love how her down-to-earth understanding mixes with her obvious passion for really good fashion style to allow her to appropriately style individuals who are obviously quite diverse in their backgrounds! My session with Niki was a thoughtful birthday present from a loving husband, wanting to encourage his wife-turned-mummy to re-find some confidence and sense of self and style after 18 months of body-change and a degree of style-neglect… It worked! Although nervous, my time with Niki was really enjoyable and empowering and I’m sad she is not in the UK more often! Whatever your budget, I would recommend Niki to any new (or not-so-new!) mums out there who feel they have pretty much lost sight of themselves and any meaning of the word ’style’ (hint hint to husbands and partners!!) as well as anyone who knows their talents lie far away from the fashion and style world! Niki goes above and beyond in her work - she is generous with her time and expertise and I’m happy to have started my style journey with her.

Claire - Shropshire

I had a wardrobe consultation and shopping trip and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't wait to start wearing my old clothes in a new way and my new clothes in the right way. Niki has made me feel confident and good about myself and showed me how to show off the best parts of me, which I didn't know I had at first. She made me feel relaxed and happy. She has a very professional and friendly air about her. The Wardrobe report is brilliant, top tips, do's and don't and even a CD of me, reminding me how to wear my clothes right. Thank you for such a great gift.

Amy Bates - Winford

Really impressed with Nikki's service and I now have lots of clothes that make me feel younger and more confident. I contacted Nikki because I'd got into a horrible rut and ended up with a wardrobe full of black and grey clothes that I hated wearing. I don't like shopping at the best of times, but as a busy mum I felt like I just didn't have the time and inclination to get to the shops. My particular bug-bear is trousers and getting them to fit. Nikki visited me at home before taking me shopping and I found her non-judgemental, really positive and assured me that it wouldn't be difficult to sort me out. What really struck me when we went shopping is how efficient it all was and now I came home with bag-fulls of clothes in record time! Nikki knows so much about the sizing of different brands that I didn't have to try on many items to get a good fit - even jeans and trousers. Also, Nikki got me to try things on in different combinations that I had confidence that the things I was buying would be good value. What can I say, it was a really positive experience, I'd definitely recommend her and I'll certainly be using her again when I need a bit of help and inspiration.

Molly Anderson - Bristol

What a pleasure it was to experience a personal shopping trip with Niki. She has an excellent eye for colour, shapes, styles and outfit combinations. I managed to find a whole range of great items for my wardrobe that will allow me to create a wide range of stylish outfits. Thank you so much. Nicki

Nicola Key - Portishead

I was bought a voucher for a consultation and shopping trip with Niki and I was so nervous and hate shopping so much that it took me a year to pluck up the courage to use it. However, Niki was so kind and patient and encouraging that she made me feel completely different about the whole experience. She was completely professional when I showed her my appalling wardrobe and then went and selected some gorgeous clothes for me to try on in lots of different shops up at The Mall. She found things which I would never have tried on but which made me feel absolutely great and I have a whole new selection of clothes now so that I no longer feel ashamed of how I look. Niki did so much more than just take me shopping; she made a major difference to my self-esteem and has made me walk much taller! Thank you Niki! I would definitely recommend this experience even to those suffering from shopping phobia! I had ended up in tears on previous trips but this trip I really enjoyed!

Anna V - Bristol

Time with Niki on sorting out your wardrobe is time and money well spent. I have constantly worn the pieces she suggested I buy, and I discovered a whole new approach to dressing up and dressing down. Niki's approach is tailored to your needs, big budget or small, she can pinpoint what you need in your wardrobe. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a Personal Stylist. S Rackard

Sally Rackard - Bristol

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